I have much to report of the last few days…I have been adventuring it up all over the place!  Friday we went to a restaurant in downtown called Yxta for which we had a blackboard eats special .  It had good reviews and a good menu, so we were excited to try it.  Well…we get there, they couldn’t find our reservation despite the confirming email.  They seemed very overwhelmed, the restaurant was full but not ridiculously.   It was one disaster after another, we couldn’t get water to our table for 20 minutes because apparently they were out of glasses and were waiting to have more washed…I mean really?  And to top it off the food was mediocre and forgettable.  The drinks were the best part.

Saturday night we tried a great place called Vintage Enotica.  I had read that they had a special running that weekend, three courses of flatbread pizzas with three wine pairings for $25.  It was great. The service was awesome…thanks Sam!  The food was good, the wine was great…overall a nice experience that we would like to go back to.

Sunday was Superbowl…enough said.

That brings us to Monday.  I did something I can cross of the list and don’t think I want to do again or at least for a long time.  Went to a taping of Price is Right.  Oh boy, the quality of the people…if you were there…I’m sorry but wow!  Might have been worth it if we were asked to come on down but not so much. I can say that Drew Carey is great. He is funny and personable and so nice!  Once you get in to the taping it is fun but the process and the waiting and the people prior to that seemed daunting and unnecessary.  But I did it…so check!

Unfortunately today was spent just on day job stuff and it was a doozy…i did get a bit of a workout in…because OMG Costa Rica in less than 2 weeks!!!

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow



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