Day 88-Adding Adventure

I have to say living in Southern California with our gorgeous weather makes adventure so much more pleasant.   Went to the first DineLa Restaurant today, a Mediterranean restaurant called Mezze.  It was named by Los Angeles magazine as one of the top 10 new restaurants in Los Angeles.  It was actually very good, we did not have one bad thing.  Beet salad with haloumi-the croutons were fried cheese!! But somehow not heavy and greasy but light and delicious.  Hanger steak with freekeh (wheat rice…almost like my mom used to make), and lebne cheesecake.  We also added a sausage flatbread and brussel sprouts from the regular menu.  It was delicious.  I don’t even normally like brussel sprouts but it was done so well I kept eating it.  It had soujok (sausage) and cheese and yum.  The lebne cheesecake was light and airy and not too sweet, a perfect ending to the meal.  What made the dinner better, besides the fabulous company, were that the dishes were creative variations of common dishes.  Creativity in food can go very wrong since often concepts don’t translate well to taste…in this case, however, it was all right!

Tomorrow we will conquer a second restaurant, although we have not chosen the place and are being very rebellious in not having advanced reservations for a friday night….(dun dun dun! or rather dum dum dum!)

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure… ’til tomorrow.


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