Day 84-Adding Adventure

So we went to the Gift show and got to look at a lot of things we couldn’t buy.  Unfortunately the cash and carry options do not start until Friday and so we went the wrong day 😦  But it was a cool experience and we got to have  a nice lunch in downtown.

Then it was on to babysitting…so cute! I got dissed by a 2 year old, who told me I could not go to Disneyland for her birthday and then added that she was not sorry for saying that and making me sad!  Wow!

This weekend I am going to Santa Barbara for a medical conference. Why a medical conference  you ask?  I mean you are not a medical professional, to the contrary a legal one.  Well I am thinking of branching out and trying different things, and being a doctor does not seem so hard.  Pretty much just tell people what ever is ailing them is caused by stress and/or their diet.  Write a prescription, tell them to exercise and relax and bill hundreds of dollars.  HAHA, no but my best friend is one and she has a conference and wants me and a friend to come along and help babysit.  free room in Santa Barbara in the adventures of babysitting…too bad it will be raining on Saturday!

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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