Day 82-adding adventure

Not much excitement today. I did watch The Descendants, sad movie. Not sure if I would call it the best movie of the year but it was good.

Also made the mistake of having McDonald’s today, it always seems like a good idea until after you eat it and feel like there are bricks laying in your stomach…which is how I feel right now.

I do need more of a creative outlet, haven’t quite found the right thing yet that is unleashing it but I am exploring some options.  Writing, drawing, painting…I don’t have a creative eye, so I think I should stick to words.

Also need to start working out to get my cardio in shape for Costa Rica, and I suppose in general.  It is pretty embarrassing not being able to get up a few flights of stairs without feeling like I am going to die.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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