Day 81-Adding Adventure

Well, sorry for being MIA for a few days but while in Vegas I was in some kind of internet black hole…so strange!  On the one hand it was nice to be disconnected, but mostly it was frustrating!

Vegas was great, as always but of course had no luck in winning anything!  The room was awesome and we had a great view from the terrace…

Apparently we got there during the CES convention so our hotel was filled with nerdy men.  We were practically the only females there among men who seemed like they have never seen females before.  I felt like a zoo animal on display.

Sadly, turns out also that the red bull thing is most likely a scam and not legitimate.  I guess the hunt for funding continues.

With respect to the Jet blue experience, I do still like Virgin America better, however, I will wait until my longer flight to New York to make a full determination.  The Vegas flight is so short it is hard to make a fair assessment.  It was nice having live tv on the plane and watching the last quarter of the Denver/New England game.  It was a blowout but still was cool to be able to watch it.

Had good dining too, I ate a lot of red meat :).  Thursday night finally got to try China Poblano, a Chinese/Mexican restaurant.  Yes I know that sounds unusual. It was actually very good.  The service was not, our waitress was dismissive and unhelpful but the food was good.  It is another Jose Andres restaurant, one of his less pricier ones.  Had a twenty vegetable fried rice that was on the “10 best things I have ever eaten” list and it was really good.  Friday night was DOCG, where the food and service was excellent.  Bartenders brought over free shots to us, our waitress gave us free dessert.  I had an excellent filet.  And there was fascinating people watching, pretty sure there was a table of sister wives and their husband across from us.  At least that is what we decided it was…

Going to the gift show on Wednesday, never been but seems interesting.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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