Day 77-Adding Adventure

wow, did I ever have an adventurous night last night. 4 girls, 5 hours, 5 locations…we conquered downtown! It was a friend’s birthday and she wanted to check out a few bars in downtown…it was so much fun.  We started at a rooftop bar called Perch for a drink and appetizers.  It was beautiful with a great view of downtown, you could even see the ice skating rink.  Drinks and apps were good too.  Definitely a must go!  Our second stop was a newly opened place called Little Bear across from Church and State (where dinner would be). We were told Little Bear just had opened the night before, it was an ok place, not somewhere I would probably go randomly but a good place to have a drink before dinner. There were tvs behind the bar, it was not a lounge type of bar.

This was my second time at Church and State.  I had the steak tartar, it was good.  I was disappointed they didn’t have the shishito pepper drink I fell in love with last time but everything was still good.

Next stop was a relatively new bar called One Eyed Gypsy, the draw of the place was that it had skee ball, yes you read correctly skee ball. The place was definitely NOT what we expected.  It was ridiculously ‘hipster’ and odd.  They had what looked like an Amish guy performing.  It was such an odd vibe.  We did get to play some skee ball and I am happy to report that I walked away the champion 🙂

Final location at about 1 am was FarBar, a cute little mostly outdoor bar in Little Tokyo.  What can I say I am a sucker for small white twinkly lights…All in all it was a great night full of adventure!

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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