Day 76-Adding Adventure

So dinner was interesting. Not nearly close to my mom’s cooking, but my dad made a valiant effort.  But it was nice evening. And it’s cute to see my dad try.

If someone asked you what do you want out of life, what do you think the answer would be? I mean if you really thought about it.  Money? happiness? love? time?  all of the above?  What is it that we really want and is ultimately the same.  Money may not buy happiness but it can buy you some time, allow you to travel and meet more people and in essence find love and happiness.  However nothing comes without a price, life isn’t a fairytale.  But we have all thought about what we would do if we won the lottery and all of a sudden money was not a factor holding us back from what we really want to do in life.  So what is that?  say you travel and go everywhere you wanted to go, you buy all the things you want to buy and then what?  Do we believe that then we will be happy?  maybe.  I am certainly not saying we won’t be.  But I suspect it takes a lot more than that.  But I sure wish I had more money to frolic with :).

I get to hang out with baby Frankie tomorrow and go to a friend’s birthday celebration…it is going to be a good weekend.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


One response to “Day 76-Adding Adventure

  1. Took me a long time to learn this but happiness comes from financial security not a lot of money (at least in this country since we don’t live our lives dodging bombs). Doesn’t matter how much money or stuff you have and how many trips you take. Having a budget and telling your money where to go instead of running by the seat of money pants will lead to security and that is happiness in the real world. I still have long to go for that security but gotta keep the eye on the prize.

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