Day 66-Adding Adventure

Today’s Christmas adventure, albeit not Christmas related, was to find the perfect blood Mary. Unfortunately, our efforts was thwarted by the fact that since it was Christmas our prime options were closed.  So we decided a drink anywhere that was open would have to do, and we started at Cabo Cantina.  I had never been there and it was so much more different from I had pictured it.  Not the best crowd but they did have good happy hour deals.  Then we walked over to Saddle Ranch, it seemed like a bad idea as we were doing it but kept doing it anyway.  Then ordered this big thing of cotton candy and proceeded to eat too much of it. Also made facial hair with it and then even ate the ones off our face.  Needless to say we felt quite nauseous at the end of it all.  The quest for the perfect bloody Mary continues…

Topped off the day by watching Fright night in bed, the 2011 version.  The movie was pretty bad.  The “synopsis” on imdb though was pretty incredible. It is literally a word for word description of the movie.  Not at all a synopsis!

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.



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