Day 59-Adding Adventure

I spent half the day with my best friend and her 22 month old boy (aka my baby). I love the mischief in him so much.  Together we tackled some shopping and lunch.  Everything just requires more energy with a toddler.  Luckily the stores we chose to go to were not too crazy and lunch was at Red Lobster.

My next adventure for myself will be flea market shopping.  I have never done it before, and I must say it seems overwhelming.  But I need to make my apartment more stylish and I can’t afford fancy new things.  So, I am going to try the flea market route, I hear good things.  It is probably best to wait until after the holidays to attempt it though, everywhere just seems crazy these days!  I do fully realize before I can stylize the place, I need to seriously declutter!  I don’t know why this seems hard, I hate clutter, I often go through and throw away and yet I still have so much stuff everywhere.  Hopefully tomorrow I can start the decluttering process (while I watch football of course).

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.



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