Day 54-Adding Adventure

This day felt like a cross between an episode of the twilight zone and punked. I am very glad it is over. I can only hope tomorrow will be a little less crazy and a lot less strange.  Maybe it is just a holiday craze that has made everyone else crazy.

Should we be happy with contentment?  If our day goes along and no major disasters, you do  your work, eat, drink, watch tv, go to bed…should that be enough?  Or is that taking life for granted.  For example if you had a turkey sandwich every day for lunch, should you just feel content that at least you have food to eat every day or is it ok to want something different?  If you want my answer, I think it is ok to want more as long as you always appreciate what you have and the people you have in your life.  That is hard to do sometimes.  If we didn’t want more, we wouldn’t move forward.  I think we have a responsibility to do more, want more and be more.  Think of all the modern-day inventions that would have never been if everyone was happy with status quo.

everyone’s homework for the day is to do something outside of your routine, add something, eat something new…it could be as simple as trying a different coffee shop or a new lunch location.  Try something different and please share.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.



2 responses to “Day 54-Adding Adventure

  1. I did try something new, it was based on your suggestion I might add too. We had our work Christmas Lunch tuesday and I was going for healthy and looking at the fish. Instead decided to go outside of the box and tried the vegetarian dish which was an eggplant…mushroom,green pepper, onion, monterey jack cheese, tomato sauce…very tasty wonder. Thanks for the suggestion!

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