Day 46-Adding Adventure

I set out to have a fun night of drinking and debauchery. Well I accomplished the drinking, not so much on the debauchery. Not my fault though, my friends pooped out! Went to a restaurant called Izakaya M in Sherman Oaks.  The food is decent, they had a princess roll that was made for me 🙂 But wow the service was soo bad.  We sat down and no one approached us for about 15 minutes and not even then, we had to ask!  That would have been tolerable if they were busy, then it would have been understandable. But they were not busy.  Just ridiculously incompetent!  My friend told me last time they were there the sushi chefs were so drunk one fell over!  I am all for some fun and drinking but there needs to be a modicum of professionalism.

I am pretty sure I gave up on the Walking Dead, I just didn’t get the draw.  There was no substance to it, no eye candy, just a bunch of gross zombies eating humans…rinse and repeat….

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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