Day 45-Adding Adventure

I went to the 99cent store today looking for christmas tree lights…thats always an adventure! They didnt have the clear lights, so that was unsuccessful but the 99cent store has come a long way. They have produce now, crazy!  I didn’t get any but I did buy some delicious Raspberry shortbread cookies.

My Christmas tree looks so sad sitting there with no lights and ornaments.  I must remedy that quickly.

Now that I have decided to stay in this apartment, I do still want to make it look more homey. I had started with putting up my first ever art on the wall.  But that is certainly not enough.  So not only do I have to find adventure on a budget but also decorate on a budget.  This is getting tricky. I think I need a second job, maybe a third one too.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.




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