Day 43-Adding Adventure

As promised, the tree is up. Although I realized the lights are not working so it halted the completion of the tree process, so no pics just yet. And yes, there was dancing involved. I worked out (danced)…pretty sure my dog things I am crazy!

I am having serious anxiety about moving!  Is saving $200 a month worth the hassle of moving, giving up a washer and dryer, and my feeling of security?  I can’t decide. I would love to hear some thoughts on the issue. I realized its the first tomorrow, how did that happen? I have to give my 30 day notice tomorrow!!  AHHHH!

I think it is definitely time to cash in that shooting coupon!!

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


3 responses to “Day 43-Adding Adventure

  1. Is shaking things up more what is needed to take you to the next step of your adventure? Out of your comfort zone, to save money, put you in a different atmosphere, make you think and feel in a different direction? OUR comfort zone sticks us in our places and inhibits us sometimes from taking steps outside. Are you ready for a step or a leap? Where are you at in your process?

  2. Well without a laundry in your place now you have to constantly find quarters to do laundry so deduct that from the $200….
    I say keep looking – you obviously have doubts and are stressed, then that place you find isn’t the ideal place you want to go to so hang on for one more month and keep looking!

  3. Use the sink and air dry. ;-).. do a pro and con list… dont look for the negative, but be realistic too, you dont want to live in a cardboard box do you? Or maybe you do! Maybe you need one more month to make these decisions if you didnt do it before today. Deep breath, focus, put it together and go in the direction your heart tells you to go.

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