Day 40-Adding Adventure

As promised my day involved more than food. Went to the Santa Monica pier today. It was such a nice day. And I discovered something I didn’t know…that Santa Monica had the first muscle beach!  It was the original, I had no idea.  We saw all these people using the rings, the high bars and walking tight rope almost like a circus, it was fascinating and strange.  The guy on the tight rope was very skilled, he even sat on the thin rope without falling…that is not an easy task!  I had not been to the pier in a long time, it was busy. But the beach is so pretty!  and at night the pier is really nice.  I did not ride the ferris wheel however, that is something I want to do cause I have never done that before.

Then we went to an oyster place and I spilled curry mussel broth ALL over my face and my white top.  It was such a disaster. But I am sure quite amusing!


I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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