Day 39-adding Adventure

Ok so I get how this is practically a food blog but like I said, I can’t help it food is a big part of my life. And there are adventures in food! For example, tonight I had 2 dinners, yes 2, at two different locations.  The first dinner came rather early, mainly cause I didn’t have lunch.  I could call it a late lunch, but really it was 530.  But it was so good, at this place Mantee that I have been wanting to try for a long time now.  The Chekeefteh (steak tartar type Armenian dish) was so good, I know I will be craving this again very soon!  Everything was really good, the soujouk (sausauge) flambee’d tableside.  The salad. All delish!  And not bad prices either.

I also did look at a few apartments today, one is very promising.  A two bedroom that will save me $200 a month. (that’s $2400 for the year towards the adventure fund!)

Then a short 4 hours later, I was bored and wanted s’mores so we went to Gyu Kaku (japanese bbq).  The thought was to go have sake and s’mores.  But once we were seated it just seemed wrong not to have some garlic noodles and bistro harami steak.  I mean I didn’t want to insult them!  It was also happy hour, so total bill for the steak, edamame, the garlic noodles, sake, beer, and of course s’mores…$25.  Can’t beat that!

I promise my post tomorrow will involve much more adventure than just food.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


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