Day 37-Adding Adventure

Last night was so fun. The food at Boho was actually really good. One of the best Mac and Cheese’s ever! with bacon and jalapeno..yum! We had mushroom truffle pizza, and truffle fries, mussels, mushroom toast, and of course wine…all delicious!! place was also very nice inside, not much a of a gastropub feel but very cool.

The Muppets movie was a blast from the past! it was a warm nostalgia hug! So fun and festive, and there was a sing along with kermit and Miss piggy! And we bought little muppets dolls. I got Gonzo! it even snowed in the theater. Just tons of fun!

I am not yet adventurous, er crazy enough for black friday shopping.  I just don’t think it is worth it and the madness is frightening.  Had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family with great food. Then we played Balderdash for hours!  It is especially nice when you don’t have to do any cooking or clean up 🙂

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.



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