Day 30-Adding Adventure

Has it been a month already? Wow, time flies! Let us evaluate, has their been more adventure in my life in the last 30 days?  I went to a musical, tried new restaurants and planned adventurous future outings!! Unfortunately the adventure fund is still in the negative, but here is to hoping the next 30 days show drastic improvement.

The next 30 days should include a muppet sing along movie, gun shooting, price is right and so much more!!

I know everyone is dying to know what is on the menu for dinner for me tonight…i’m thinking sushi and sake! 🙂  yes it might be non adventurous but it will be good.

Thank you all for taking the journey with me, and I hope things only get better from here and you stay with it all!

I hope everyone’s day is full of adventure…’til tomorrow.



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