Day 26-Adding Adventure

Today I went to see an Armenian play, a comedy. Translated the title is “Love and Laughter.”  It was not bad, pretty funny.  It reminds me of how much I enjoy theater acting.  It is on my bucket list :).  Well so what if I haven’t actually written out my bucket list, I can still know what would be on it!

I don’t know if anyone noticed or paid attention but my first draft of the children’s book is due tomorrow (per my own deadline).  I could pretend like it is done and no one would be the wiser…but I am all about honesty in blog, full disclosure.  Not done! 😦  So I am pushing the deadline one week, just one week!

Tomorrow I will be in court, probably all day, taking down an obnoxious opposing counsel!  That almost seemed redundant.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


One response to “Day 26-Adding Adventure

  1. hmmm. every couple of years i post or send you a message. i don’t think you have figured out who is sending you these messages, yet. lets see if this clue will help you…..

    i think you watched a play that my cousin was in!

    and here is clue #2

    you always said to me you wanted a red porsche! did u get the porsche?
    (its been a few years since we talked!)

    sorry about mom

    i keep thinking i am going to run into you sooner or later in LA!

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