Day 24-Adding Adventure

I know it seems like a lot of my posts are about food, but what can I say I love to eat and I love food! So in the spirit of adventure I tried a new place for pizza today.  It is called Topanga Pizza and oddly enough it’s not on Topanga.  It had really good reviews, free delivery and great prices so…why not.  Had the specialty Japanese Eggplant Pizza L (pesto marinated eggplant, goat cheese, tomatoes, sliced garlic, fontina cheese, mozz, basil), Lobster ravioli with pink sauce, asparagus and shrimp, mixed green salad, kid’s portion of spaghetti with meat sauce, red potato fries.  Total bill=$50.  The pizza crust was great.  Really liked it. The pink sauce also good. Did not care for the spaghetti with meat sauce, not bad just have had a lot better.  Would order from here again. And much better than the overrated Barone’s Pizzeria.

Also thought if I can cut down certain bills, like take the netflix subscription down a level, than i can put that saved money towards the adventure fund.  Again, small steps but have to start small to gain traction.  I will look into this.

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.



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