Day 22-Adding Adventure

I am VERY excited to report that our Costa Rica trip is booked and soo full of adventure!  We are talking Canyoneering, Ziplining, White water rafting…and that’s just the first four days!  The first four days of our vacation our room will overlook the Arenal Volcano…doesn’t that in itself sound adventurous?  Can you tell I am soo excited!  This is not what I would normally like to do on a vacation, which makes it that much more exciting!  But don’t get me wrong, the thought of hiking anywhere terrifies me!  But it is all about getting out of your comfort zone, right?  Not to mention we got a great deal because this part of the vacation was via a Groupon!

So looks like the adventure train is back on track (ok that was cheesy but whatever, don’t judge me!).

A big HOWEVER to all of this is that the adventure fund is going more and more into the negative!!  Need a way to make extra cash and fast!!

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow!


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