Day 15-Adding adventure

The restaurant was actually very good. Well, the food was good. Pulled pork bao, very tasty. The pot stickers might have been my favorite. The lemongrass wings were very good but I could only eat one because I’m a wuss when it comes to spiciness!  The service, however, really  needs work.  Can we say over zealous?  I think I was still chewing my food when they kept asking if they could take my plate.  If I have food in my mouth such that I can’t answer your question, it should be a pretty good indication that it is too soon to ask!!  Just sayin’.  Not to mention there was still food in the plate!  I think we had about 6 different people come up to our table safe to say every 5 minutes!!  But considering they just opened, I am sure(and I hope) they will work out the kinks. But the food was good, the beer was good and the prices were good.  So we will be back…maybe we will give it a month or so.

I also did some preliminary inquiry into the idea of doing an Armenian cartoon.  It is an ambitious assignment but go big or go home!

on a side and pathetic note, the adventure fund is still at -$66 :(.  There has to be a way to make some side money!  Anyone need a paper written for school?  Research done?  Anything? Anyone?  I will keep looking…

’til tomorrow…



One response to “Day 15-Adding adventure

  1. How about tutoring??? There’s always a need for that.
    You should put an ad on craigslist for tutoring, evening babysitting, and anything else you can and are willing to do and see where it takes you.

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