Day 13- Adding Adventure

It is almost midnight but it still counts as a daily post because I still have 15 minutes!
I didn’t have much time to plan anything adventurous today because I had a doctor’s appointment and had dinner plans. Give the girl a break, I also have a day job! I did however look into the gun range hours so we can plan on a day to do that.  So that is something, I accomplished that at the waiting room of the doctor’s office.  Albeit no date has been set yet, we have narrowed it down to sat or sunday…Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!

I also came up with the name of the Armenian cartoon character I want to create a cartoon around.  There aren’t any Armenian cartoons, there are a few made in Armenia but nothing that caters to children here.  I want to do something that is a cross between Elmo and Dora.  I’m thinking the reason it’s not done is probably because it will be expensive and not at all profitable because there is certainly a market for it.  Maybe I should start it as a book and grow the brand from there.  I also need to find an illustrator, and given that I have no idea how the whole animation thing works it will be quite the ambitious and daunting task but no one said leading a life of adventure was going to be easy!  And of course the old adage, you will never know unless you try.  Or it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.  Ok you get the point!

So the day was not a complete loss. ’til Tomorrow…



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