Day 43-Adding Adventure

As promised, the tree is up. Although I realized the lights are not working so it halted the completion of the tree process, so no pics just yet. And yes, there was dancing involved. I worked out (danced)…pretty sure my dog things I am crazy!

I am having serious anxiety about moving!  Is saving $200 a month worth the hassle of moving, giving up a washer and dryer, and my feeling of security?  I can’t decide. I would love to hear some thoughts on the issue. I realized its the first tomorrow, how did that happen? I have to give my 30 day notice tomorrow!!  AHHHH!

I think it is definitely time to cash in that shooting coupon!!

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.


Day 42-Adding Adventure

Unfortunately today I have been tied up with boring day job work.  Well not literally tied up, cause that would have been an interesting adventure.

My dining experience was In N Out.  I know, so much excitement I can’t stand it!  I am however busy this month getting ready to move, finding a place, oh and the holidays and all that.  Not very adventurous but very stressful!

I should put my tree up, that always makes me happy.  I will do that tomorrow, along with dancing!! yay!  maybe even at the same time 🙂

Also next Saturday I have an “ugly sweater party” to attend, now all I need is an ugly Christmas sweater…my sister must have one!

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow!

Day 41-Adding Adventure

So the mussels ended up being a bigger disaster than just dirtying a white shirt…it was poison that cause me to throw up all night!  How is that for adventure!

My body couldn’t take any more adventure today.  So I had to take it easy.  Don’t even have food to report on because all I managed to keep down was some soup and crackers.

Hopefully I will be back to my voracious self tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure….’til tomorrow!

Day 40-Adding Adventure

As promised my day involved more than food. Went to the Santa Monica pier today. It was such a nice day. And I discovered something I didn’t know…that Santa Monica had the first muscle beach!  It was the original, I had no idea.  We saw all these people using the rings, the high bars and walking tight rope almost like a circus, it was fascinating and strange.  The guy on the tight rope was very skilled, he even sat on the thin rope without falling…that is not an easy task!  I had not been to the pier in a long time, it was busy. But the beach is so pretty!  and at night the pier is really nice.  I did not ride the ferris wheel however, that is something I want to do cause I have never done that before.

Then we went to an oyster place and I spilled curry mussel broth ALL over my face and my white top.  It was such a disaster. But I am sure quite amusing!


I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.

Day 39-adding Adventure

Ok so I get how this is practically a food blog but like I said, I can’t help it food is a big part of my life. And there are adventures in food! For example, tonight I had 2 dinners, yes 2, at two different locations.  The first dinner came rather early, mainly cause I didn’t have lunch.  I could call it a late lunch, but really it was 530.  But it was so good, at this place Mantee that I have been wanting to try for a long time now.  The Chekeefteh (steak tartar type Armenian dish) was so good, I know I will be craving this again very soon!  Everything was really good, the soujouk (sausauge) flambee’d tableside.  The salad. All delish!  And not bad prices either.

I also did look at a few apartments today, one is very promising.  A two bedroom that will save me $200 a month. (that’s $2400 for the year towards the adventure fund!)

Then a short 4 hours later, I was bored and wanted s’mores so we went to Gyu Kaku (japanese bbq).  The thought was to go have sake and s’mores.  But once we were seated it just seemed wrong not to have some garlic noodles and bistro harami steak.  I mean I didn’t want to insult them!  It was also happy hour, so total bill for the steak, edamame, the garlic noodles, sake, beer, and of course s’mores…$25.  Can’t beat that!

I promise my post tomorrow will involve much more adventure than just food.

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.

Day 38-Adding Adventure

Today started off and almost ended with little to no adventure. Ok really none. But then at 1130 we decided we were hungry and we didn’t want Denny’s or TGIFs. We drove around and found a sushi place that is open until 130 am!! crazy right? It wasn’t bad and people were coming in even after we sat.  definitely good to know if you are ever craving very late sushi.  There was something fun about eating sushi at midnight :).

just really wanted to share that.  I did also dance.  By myself, channeled the stripper in me 🙂  It was fun and a good workout.

Hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow!

Day 37-Adding Adventure

Last night was so fun. The food at Boho was actually really good. One of the best Mac and Cheese’s ever! with bacon and jalapeno..yum! We had mushroom truffle pizza, and truffle fries, mussels, mushroom toast, and of course wine…all delicious!! place was also very nice inside, not much a of a gastropub feel but very cool.

The Muppets movie was a blast from the past! it was a warm nostalgia hug! So fun and festive, and there was a sing along with kermit and Miss piggy! And we bought little muppets dolls. I got Gonzo! it even snowed in the theater. Just tons of fun!

I am not yet adventurous, er crazy enough for black friday shopping.  I just don’t think it is worth it and the madness is frightening.  Had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family with great food. Then we played Balderdash for hours!  It is especially nice when you don’t have to do any cooking or clean up 🙂

I hope everyone’s day was full of adventure…’til tomorrow.