Day 11-Adding Adventure

So I did it, got tickets to go to Price is Right…now cross your fingers that not only I get called up but that I win…tall order? definitely! Going for the Christmas taping on Nov 8.

As I watch this very BAD movie (Bad Teacher), the quality is literally in the title! Ok that was a bad side joke.  Anyway, in the movie she is trying to raise money for a boob job or should I say breast augmentation surgery.  Well she used a car wash and recycling to help her save money.  Is recycling profitable? how much would I have recycle to really see a profit?  I mean I don’t remember it helping much when I was  younger.  Has it changed?

I had the suggestion of a garage sale today to raise money, not a bad idea.  But I don’t have a garage 😦

I thought about tutoring, but then realized that involves spending time with annoying kids!  Can they just pay me to their homework? Is that wrong?

There has to be an easier way?! ’til tomorrow…


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