Day 10-Adding Adventure

I tried a new place to eat today. It is called Leo and Lily and it was actually very good. Had a really good burger, highly recommend. Even had a bread pudding dessert..yum!

Also purchased tickets for the horror movie night we are having tomorrow.  First, watching Paranormal 2 on Netflix then watching 3 at 10:40….got wine and snacks ready to go!

Another goal for my new adventures is to see a Dolphins game in Miami!  I am a HUGE dolphins fan and I have never even been to Miami (except the airport :)) which doesn’t count!  This is getting pricey, I really need to figure out this funds thing.  I did find a couple of sites today that I thought could help with that courtesy of a yahoo article.  These sites are, and amazon.  Although they proved to be a start, no real leads.  But I am trying…and still no one has given me any ideas…I’m waiting…

’til tomorrow…




3 responses to “Day 10-Adding Adventure

  1. I want to go back to Miami…so much more to see 🙂
    Also I think you really need to find a sugar daddy to fund all this…it’s really the only way

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