Day 9-Adding Adventure

I must say living an adventurous life is exhausting…and to think I havent even really started it yet :).

Today our tickets to Bring it On the Musical have been confirmed. I will be attending that on Nov 4. I’m sure it will be a night of adventure!

I also started planning our trip to Costa Rica for February. That will definitely be full of adventure as I am leaving my comfort zone for vacation and will be exploring and not just sunbathing on the beach (and yes partly because I have been ordered by my doctors not to but still!).


I also submitted an application to be on Wheel of Fortune, although with the amount of applicants they get, I doubt that is happening any time in the near future, or even the very distant future… 😦 But regardless, you will never know unless you do!

And as an update apparently Lingo is not recruiting contestants at this time.  So hopefully they pick up the next season so then I can audition.

No one has given me ideas on how to fund all this adventure yet and craigslist has not been helpful.  These game shows are going to take too long and I need something more immediate!  I wish I had sperm to sell 🙂  My eggs are too old to warrant money and that involves surgery and not worth it!  I could go do extra work although that is time consuming. There has to be some way to make some extra money on the side…???

’til tomorrow…


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