Day 7-Adding Adventure

I got my hair done today by the fabulous Jen! Although this seems like a mundane, non adventurous chore, for me it is not. I did my own hair (cut) for about 20 years. Recently, I decided to get extensions and highlights…crazy, i know! And of course, I got the longest length! It is fun having long flowy hair!

Tomorrow I am taking my 17 yr old niece shopping! oh boy!  trying to keep her out of the house before her surprise birthday party(don’t worry, she doesn’t read this…I hope :).  My days may not have adventure quite yet, but they certainly are not dull :).

Here is my adventure thought for today…I want to write a children’s book.  I have always wanted to and I think this is the perfect motivation.  I would say that is adventurous even if no one reads it.  I know it is a saturated market.  Later I want to get into adolescent novels.   Maybe I can be the next Judy Blume!  Or maybe not but I will never know unless I try.  I already have the concept i think…I should give myself a deadline, for accountability.  Today is October 25…how about I have a first draft by November 15.

By the way no one has given me any ideas of how to make any side money! just sayin’ …til tomorrow…



2 responses to “Day 7-Adding Adventure

  1. how ironic! i’ve been wanting to write a children’s book series. i already have the characters in my head, the title of the first book and the concept. I just need to put something on paper. go for it. i remember you telling me about your idea for a children’s book and/or TV show as a fun way to teach your language to children. i think it’s a great idea! it worked for Dora and Diego, as well as Kailen (spelling?).

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