Day5-Add adventure

Last night was fun, as is always with my friends 🙂 Can’t say it was much of an adventure though.

I tried a new cute place for lunch today and ate something I would normally not order, I got a breakfast burrito that had steak in it (filet of course).  I’m not a steak and eggs kind of girl.  It was ok, a little dry, it needed something wet inside.  The cheese inside wasn’t melted, that would have made it better.  Also it needed a vegetable, it was cheese, potatoes, steak  and eggs.  See what I mean?  Even the salsa on the side was just chopped tomatoes, no liquid.  The applewood bacon I got on the side was quite tasty however, and their deserts were very good.  We got his vanilla butter cake with strawberry frosting.

Then we got free tickets to go see Bring it On the Musical, that should be adventurous!  It was free, how bad could it be…and with these girls, it’s always an adventure!  I will update on what day that is happening, it will be some time in the next week.

So I didn’t sit at home all day today watching football which would be the preferred norm for me.  I ventured out….

Still haven’t figured out a way to raise money to fund my adventures.  Off to Craigslist I go…’til tomorrow….




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