Day 4-Adding Adventure

So the only adventurous thing I did yesterday was I bought the living social deal (as discussed yesterday).  It’s weak, I know, but don’t I get points for effort?  I’m going out tonight, for the first time in a month!  That is exciting!  Oh and for an update, no luck on the side job gig.  So currently the adventure fund is at -$66. 😦

Here is an idea, how about if I set a goal to have a burger in every state in the United States.  Ambitious I know.  How many states have I already covered?  California, obviously.  Nevada.  Haha and the kicker is I have actually had a burger in Miami even though I have never actually seen the city.  Yep, at the airport in Miami, had a burger!  It counts!  It’s a good idea, but I have a lot cut out for me.   Does this mean I would have to somehow visit Oklahoma and North Dakota….tough one.  Might need to reconsider, what does everyone think?  Should I start smaller and do a burger in every county in California?  I am definitely going to need a partner in crime on this one.  I know just the person! Yes, E to the Lo…I am talking about you!  And of course any one else who wants to join! I like the premise though.  Burger Road Trip!! Or maybe a United States culinary tour, eating what every state is best known for…hmm… definitely need a side job to fund this idea!

As always…thoughts appreciated…’til tomorrow!


4 responses to “Day 4-Adding Adventure

  1. By the way, you don’t have to run, you can walk too! And I didn’t mean for you to be doing this like NOW or even this week or this month, you can do it sometime next year! But okay…

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