Day2-adding adventure!

I am not in sweats today as I write this but full disclosure, I am in my recliner. don’t judge me, it’s doctor’s orders! I have recruited a friend who wants to add adventure in her life with me! Things are always easier with an accomplice, i mean friend :). Power in numbers. I was giving this a lot of thought, and I think it is easier to find adventure when you step outside of your comfort zone. Adventure is what you make of it, right? So just doing something you normally would not do. Ever get that feeling where you just want to do something, but you can’t put your finger on what that something is? Like an itch you can’t scratch.

I feel like I should be able to look on Craigslist and there should be an ad that I can answer that’s going to be what I need and am looking for, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work that way.   I want to be in the end of a movie scene, where i just go to the airport with nothing but my passport and fly off somewhere on an adventure, but again, it doesn’t work that way.  The trick is to get that adventure by incorporating into the realities of my life.  Cause I do have rent and bills to pay :(.

If you are holding me accountable, which was the purpose of this blog, I have done nothing today that adds anything to my adventure seeking life.  But in my defense, no one gave me any ideas.  Almost everything i have read elsewhere involves a trip.  Come on people, I know there are many creative minds out there.  I seek your brilliant guidance.  Not to mention, If i don’t do something soon, I wont have anything to write about. My wit and charm is going to carry me only so far in this recliner 🙂

What if I applied to be on a reality show, like Big Brother?  Would that count as adventure?  I’m thinking yes.  Downloading application, now.  Give me a break people, its only day 2.  On a side note, I think we should start an adventure savings fund.  What would be more fun, is if I can do something adventurous that would also earn me money that i can put towards the adventure fund…was that confusing?  Something non day job related that would make me money (don’t go dirty minded people, let’s keep it clean!)!  Maybe Craigslist can help after all….

As always, ideas and thoughts are encouraged and welcome!  ’til tomorrow….


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