Day 3-adding adventure

So today I am going to watch my niece and nephew (ages 16 and 14) in a dance show at their high school. If you have ever dealt with teenagers, we all know that is an adventure. But not quite what I had in mind. I did however see a living social deal today for a shooting range, I mean really, what says adventure more than getting to shoot a gun??! and for $66 for two people that includes pizza and beer and everything else you need to cowboy, er cowgirl, up!  Sounds like a winner to me!  I have never shot a gun before but always wanted to…so this seems like a perfect opportunity.  Hopefully no one gets hurt.

So here is a tip for those of you who are looking to do some different things on a budget, these local coupon sites are great.  They offer different options that are local and for a great price.  Just make sure you pay attention to the expiration dates, they come up fast!

and ok people, i find it hard to believe that no one has a comment or thought or suggestion?

Keeping it short today….’til tomorrow….




8 responses to “Day 3-adding adventure

  1. A friend of mine went through a site just to get out and try new things. See if you can tap into anything like that in your area. She def met new people and did things she’d never done before.

  2. I think the best adventure that will last you a lifetime is to have a kid. Cause the fun never ends!!
    Oh and thanks for coming tonight, it was great seeing you upright!!!
    And who are you taking to the range with you, cuz I’D LOVE TO GO!! just sayin….

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