Day 12-Adding Adventure

Trick or Treat?

In the spirit of full disclosure, not much of any kind of adventure going on in my life. It’s Halloween and what adventurous thing am I doing? Well, I am sitting at home but I am watching Vampire Diaries!  Does that count?  I know but in my defense I can’t be adventurous EVERY day. Not to mention I haven’t quite figured out how to  fund the adventures yet.

There is something to be said about a quiet evening at home alone.  The candy doesn’t hurt 🙂

If this keeps up I am going to have to start making things up to keep my reader’s entertained and to hold up to my end of the bargain.  But that would defeat the whole purpose.

So, I hope you are all enjoying Halloween, eating candy until your teeth hurt. ’til tomorrow…






Day 11-Adding Adventure

So I did it, got tickets to go to Price is Right…now cross your fingers that not only I get called up but that I win…tall order? definitely! Going for the Christmas taping on Nov 8.

As I watch this very BAD movie (Bad Teacher), the quality is literally in the title! Ok that was a bad side joke.  Anyway, in the movie she is trying to raise money for a boob job or should I say breast augmentation surgery.  Well she used a car wash and recycling to help her save money.  Is recycling profitable? how much would I have recycle to really see a profit?  I mean I don’t remember it helping much when I was  younger.  Has it changed?

I had the suggestion of a garage sale today to raise money, not a bad idea.  But I don’t have a garage 😦

I thought about tutoring, but then realized that involves spending time with annoying kids!  Can they just pay me to their homework? Is that wrong?

There has to be an easier way?! ’til tomorrow…

Day 11-adding adventure

Sitting in movie theater waiting for paranormal 3 to start. Surprisingly the second one (we just watched it) was pretty scary…so I’m looking forward to 3.
The theater is surprisingly empty, good thing we bought our tickets in advance 🙂
Why is it that no matter how full you are there is always room for popcorn?
I went to see a psychic today…she told me I’m going to write a children’s book…creepy!
And phone sex can’t be the only option for making money!!
’til tomorrow…

Day 10-Adding Adventure

I tried a new place to eat today. It is called Leo and Lily and it was actually very good. Had a really good burger, highly recommend. Even had a bread pudding dessert..yum!

Also purchased tickets for the horror movie night we are having tomorrow.  First, watching Paranormal 2 on Netflix then watching 3 at 10:40….got wine and snacks ready to go!

Another goal for my new adventures is to see a Dolphins game in Miami!  I am a HUGE dolphins fan and I have never even been to Miami (except the airport :)) which doesn’t count!  This is getting pricey, I really need to figure out this funds thing.  I did find a couple of sites today that I thought could help with that courtesy of a yahoo article.  These sites are, and amazon.  Although they proved to be a start, no real leads.  But I am trying…and still no one has given me any ideas…I’m waiting…

’til tomorrow…



Day 9-Adding Adventure

I must say living an adventurous life is exhausting…and to think I havent even really started it yet :).

Today our tickets to Bring it On the Musical have been confirmed. I will be attending that on Nov 4. I’m sure it will be a night of adventure!

I also started planning our trip to Costa Rica for February. That will definitely be full of adventure as I am leaving my comfort zone for vacation and will be exploring and not just sunbathing on the beach (and yes partly because I have been ordered by my doctors not to but still!).


I also submitted an application to be on Wheel of Fortune, although with the amount of applicants they get, I doubt that is happening any time in the near future, or even the very distant future… 😦 But regardless, you will never know unless you do!

And as an update apparently Lingo is not recruiting contestants at this time.  So hopefully they pick up the next season so then I can audition.

No one has given me ideas on how to fund all this adventure yet and craigslist has not been helpful.  These game shows are going to take too long and I need something more immediate!  I wish I had sperm to sell 🙂  My eggs are too old to warrant money and that involves surgery and not worth it!  I could go do extra work although that is time consuming. There has to be some way to make some extra money on the side…???

’til tomorrow…

Day 8

I am blogging on the go today…so adventurous 😉

Survived the shopping trip with my niece and wrapping up the surprise party. I’m exhausted but didn’t have time for additional adventure.

So sorry to disappoint but I will try and step it up tomorrow…’til tomorrow.

Day 7-Adding Adventure

I got my hair done today by the fabulous Jen! Although this seems like a mundane, non adventurous chore, for me it is not. I did my own hair (cut) for about 20 years. Recently, I decided to get extensions and highlights…crazy, i know! And of course, I got the longest length! It is fun having long flowy hair!

Tomorrow I am taking my 17 yr old niece shopping! oh boy!  trying to keep her out of the house before her surprise birthday party(don’t worry, she doesn’t read this…I hope :).  My days may not have adventure quite yet, but they certainly are not dull :).

Here is my adventure thought for today…I want to write a children’s book.  I have always wanted to and I think this is the perfect motivation.  I would say that is adventurous even if no one reads it.  I know it is a saturated market.  Later I want to get into adolescent novels.   Maybe I can be the next Judy Blume!  Or maybe not but I will never know unless I try.  I already have the concept i think…I should give myself a deadline, for accountability.  Today is October 25…how about I have a first draft by November 15.

By the way no one has given me any ideas of how to make any side money! just sayin’ …til tomorrow…